MORE than a thousand people flocked to the Mayor's Bonanza in Malvern's Priory Park on Sunday.

The event is held each year to raise money for the Malvern mayor's charity of the year, which this year is Sight Concern.

And the event proved highly successful, raising £1,756.43 for the cause.

The visitors were entertained with music from Blue Moon Jazz, the Kings Quartet and Jazz Friday, while Dance in Motion put on a display to thrill the crowds.

There was plenty to eat and drink, with local producers bringing along some of their tasty fare.

Mayor Cynthia Palmer said she was delighted with the turn-out and the amount of money raised.

She said: "I think that in terms of fund-raising, it was one of the most successful ever.

"The weather was superb, and I don't think I've ever seen so many people in Priory Park."

Among the features of the afternoon was the chance to try a blindfold walk, to experience the world as a blind person does.

"One a few people had been round the course, quite a few others wanted to try it as well," said Cllr Palmer.

"People found it really enlightening to find out what it is like to be blind."