FORTIS Living is revising plans for a new housing development in Malvern following a public consultation.

The housing association originally proposed to build 13 houses on open land between Leigh Sinton Road and Beauchamp Road.

But people living in the area describe the site as a "natural green area" and have spoken out against its development.

Following a public consultation at the site, one resident said that over 50 local households raised objections to the plan.

And Fortis has responded by saying they will come up with a plan featuring fewer homes.

Resident Clare Phillips said: "I did not hear one person say that they were happy with the proposal.

"It is a natural green area, which Malvern is in short supply of. Different species of wildlife and plants are seen in the area.

"Beauchamp Road and Leigh Sinton Road already have huge issues with busy roads and parking issues. Roads will become even more unsafe and the parking impact is huge.

"Current drainage systems are inadequate and in heavy rain, flash flooding occurs with drains overflowing. A further 13 houses will add to this problem."

Fortis says that following the consultation last week, it will amend the plan to include reduced overall density, more bungalows and a bigger green space.

Michael Baggett, Fortis Living’s head of new business, said: “We welcome feedback from local communities, which is why we hold consultation events to discuss our proposals.

"In this case, we have made changes to our original plans based on comments from those who attended.

"While we are committed to these plans, there may be other factors which will result in changes to them as we progress through the planning process.”

Fortis is looking to to submit a planning application to Malvern Hills District Council in the autumn.