A DISUSED incinerator could be brought back to life as a plant to dispose of clinical waste.

The incinerator, at Hangmans Lane, Hanley Swan, was built in the early 1970s to burn household waste, but closed down in 1995 because it would have cost too much to upgrade to comply with more rigorous pollution rules.

Sine then, it has remained disused, and the plant has become derelict.

Now London-based Modern Waste Solutions Ltd has applied to Malvern Hills District Council to bring the plant back into use.

The company says: “It will take hard-to-recycle clinical waste from sources such as NHS organisations (such as acute hospitals and GP surgeries), the private healthcare sector, nursing homes, dentists, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, pharmaceutical companies and tattoo parlours that would otherwise be likely to go to landfill.

“It is expected that much of the waste will come from within a 50-mile radius of the plant – broadly speaking, Worcestershire and the surrounding counties.

“We will be renovating much of the existing building, so externally there will be only limited alterations. The main difference people will notice is the reduced height of the chimneys, which will come down from 24m to 15m.

“Inside, we will be installing modern, UK-manufactured, state-of-the-art equipment that meets all current legislation with regards to emissions.”

The company says that between three to five lorries a day will visit the plant, and deliveries will take place during normal working hours, Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings. The plant is expected to create at least 13 jobs.

Sue Adeney, of Hanley Castle Parish Council, said: “People here are concerned because they remember when it was an incinerator before, and they are worried about emissions and so on. I think it would be good if the applicants came to us and explained exactly what they plan to do.”