FAMED philosopher and author Professor A C Grayling is coming to Malvern to deliver a speech on Brexit.

The event, titled Brexit: The Next Steps in the Fight Against It, will take place at The Cube, in Albert Road North, tomorrow.

West Mercia European Movement, a local pro-EU group, invited the renowned Europhile to Malvern to give the talk.

Michael Lewent, chairman of the group, said: “The theme of his talk is Brexit and how to stop it.

“He [Mr Grayling] is very involved in devising the strategy to remain in the European Union rather than leaving.

“He is known as the brains behind remain.”

Mr Lewent, of Willow Grove, Malvern, added that he thinks the UK should remain in the EU because of the benefits it offers.

He said: “There’s a human aspect to it, I think we should be closer to our neighbours rather than distant.

“There’s also the economic aspect, the EU is a major trade partner and industry says their supply lines will be devastated if we don’t stay in the European Union.”

The 60-year-old campaigner wants leave voters to attend the event in the hope of persuading them that Brexit is a bad idea.

James Carver, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the West Midlands, who recently left UKIP, said: “The European Movement is a federalist group seeking ever closer union within the EU, so of course they will make calls for us to remain.

“But if we were foolish enough to go back on the will of the majority, we’d find the landscape very different to pre-referendum days and we would be in a very much weaker position within the European Union.

“The facts remain that the majority of the electorate voted to leave in order to take back control of our sovereignty, our borders and our ability to trade freely with the rest of the world, rather than be hampered by the protectionist policies of the EU.

“We will still be part of the continent of Europe, we will still be close neighbours, we will still engage in partnerships and work together on issues such as security, we will still trade with businesses in European countries because that is to our mutual benefit.

“Mr Grayling believes member states have not lost their sovereignty, but there are clear and undeniable examples of its erosion and that will only increase as the EU moves towards a united states of Europe.”

The free lecture will be open to members of the public and is due to start at 6pm.

A C Grayling frequently contributes to the Literary Review, Observer, Independent on Sunday, Times Literary Supplement, New Statesman and regularly appears on BBC Radio.