WARNINGS not to swim in the Gullet Quarry have been repeated after people were seen in the water yesterday (Thursday).

Officers from Ledbury issued a warning via Twitter, saying: "Swimmers (and flamingos) are prohibited from entering Gullet Quarry. Several people strongly advised, educated and moved on. As tempting as it is, especially during the heatwave, please no swimming."

Malvern Hills Trust, the body that looks after the hills and commons issued a warning soon after the heatwave began about the dangers of swimming in Gullet Quarry.

This well-known beauty spot is visited by walkers and picnickers but on hot summer days people can be tempted to cool off in the water, despite the many signs that warn of the danger and to keep out.

In the summer of 2013 two young men drowned in the lake at the quarry off Castlemorton Common.

It is against the Malvern Hills Trust's bye-laws to “bathe in any pond, lake or stream on the Hills where bathing has been prohibited” Anyone in breach of this bye-law could face police action.