A UKULELE festival organiser's caravan has been raided for the second time in two months.

Stan Acaster, aged 63, the founder of Upton Ukulele Festival, has blamed youths for damaging his vehicle, which he used as an office.

Thieves previously broke into the caravan and stole knives, including an 11-inch blade nicknamed 'Excalibur', along with other items.

In the latest raid, criminals used shovels to smash the windows, roof and sides of the caravan.

Mr Acaster was in Yorkshire, burying his 93-year-old father, when his vehicle was vandalised.

He said: "They ripped the vents off the roof, smashed all the windows and the lights - inside and out. There's a big gash in the aluminium body. "They also took stage clothes out of the wardrobe and put them on the floor and sprinkled sugar on them and put water on them. "There was a pair of Versace trousers in there and a couple of shirts. Thankfully they have all been cleaned up.

"There was a coke can in the caravan which someone had opened and drunk. Police have taken it away for fingerprints and DNA."

Mr Acaster added that he found two shovels left inside his vehicle.

He previously said he had decided to cancel future ukulele festivals in Upton after the raid.

However, he has now backtracked and pledged to hold another event in the town next year.

He said: "I have reconsidered. The people who did attend thought it was fantastic and they can't wait for next year.

"The people of Upton deserve to have the festival and it shouldn't be stopped because of the idiocy of a few youths.

"If I was to cancel it they would win."

Upton Folk Festival took place for the first time in June, with around 480 tickets sold and 14 venues taking part.

Witnesses to the latest raid, which took place on June 27 at Fish Meadow campsite, in Upton, can ring 101 quoting incident number 750S June 29.

The previous incident happened between May 21 and May 25 and anyone with information can ring 101 quoting 0668S of May 26.