PLANS by developer Bloor Homes to build up to 1,400 new homes on the western edge of Worcester will help to fulfil the South Worcestershire development plan, councillors were due to hear last night.

The scheme, for land between Oldbury Road and Martley Road, Lower Broadheath, is an outline application with all matters reserved except for access to the site.

This means that developers will submit more detailed applications, covering matters such as the layout of the site and the design of buildings and landscaping, at a later date.

In a report due to go before last night’s meeting, planning officers say: “The application has been considered against relevant national and local planning policy and is considered to be broadly in accordance with the framework and the development plan.

“The proposal represents a significant contribution towards implementing the plan.

“The various benefits of the development are not significantly and demonstrably outweighed by the adverse impacts and overall the proposals are considered to represent sustainable development.”

If approved, the plan will be subject to a large number of conditions, covering matters than include traffic and parking, the protection of existing trees and hedgerows, biodiversity, lighting, drainage of surface water and other matters.

The conditions also cover timescales for the work, with the first phase due to begin in three years.