Is it time to change the law on cannabis?

Following Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid’s intervention as Home Secretary to allow a 14-year-old boy with epilepsy to use cannabis oil to control his severe seizures, former leader of the Conservative party William Hague has said it’s time to rethink government policy.

The Tory peer said in an article for the Daily Telegraph that the “battle [against marijuana] is effectively over” and making police arrest people using cannabis was “as up to date and relevant as asking the army to recover the empire”.

He urged the Prime Minister to lead a major policy change because it was pointless to think the drug could be “driven off the streets”.

The Home Office, which announces it would set up a panel to look into individual cases of use of cannabis or cannabis derivatives for medicinal use said it had no intention of decriminalising cannabis for recreational use and would continue to classify it as a class B drug.

What do you think? Should medicinal cannabis use be allowed? Should it be decriminalised or even legalised for recreational use.