NEW police officers are being recruited for the force which serves Worcestershire.

West Mercia Police's recruitment drive opens on Monday, June 18.

This will be the second recruitment drive this year. More than 600 pre-applications were received when the previous one open in February and these candidates are in the process of attending assessment centres.

Police and Crime Commissioner for the area, John Campion, said: “The public want visible, accessible policing focused on resolving the problems in our communities.

"I am delivering this by protecting the frontline, bolstering police numbers through this recruitment drive and prioritising resources to keep our communities safe.

“The level of interest is already encouraging, and we expect a high standard of applicants who reflect the diversity in our communities, and will deliver the quality service our communities deserve.”

Martin Evans, Assistant Chief Constable of West Mercia Police, said “Policing has changed over time but it remains one of the most challenging, unpredictable yet utterly rewarding jobs I know.

“A career with West Mercia Police is one that I recommend to anyone who wants to make a positive difference every day to the lives of the people in their community.”

If you are interested in applying visit