THE Seventh Malvern Beavers have been working to make Malvern even more beautiful by planting pots and tubs in the town centre.

Using flowers supplied by Malvern Town Council, the Beavers first decided which combinations of flowers worked best and then carefully put in each plant to fill the seven flower tubs.

This project will count towards gaining their World Challenge Badges, which involves working with people or an organisation from the community in a way that benefits others.

Mayor Cynthia Palmer says she is delighted by the floral display.

She said: "The tubs in Priory Walk and outside the post office look wonderful and will be enjoyed by everyone who walks along there. It is so nice to see young people playing their part in making Malvern look blooming lovely.”

Beaver Scout leader Adele Jolley said that the Beavers had all enjoyed planting the tubs, which will also count towards their gardeners' badges.

The town council's operations team will water the tubs regularly, along with other planters and hanging baskets around the town.