A DRUG addict stole £300-worth of meat from two supermarkets and someone else’s prescription medication from a pharmacy during a crime spree.

Gemma Graty stole meat from the same Sainsbury’s Local on two separate occasions and a prescription from Victoria Pharmacy, all in Malvern, over a three-week spell.

The mum, 35, who is currently in prison for another offence, was described by her solicitor as “out of control” due to her crack cocaine and heroin addiction at the time of the thefts.

Defence solicitor Mark Turnbull told magistrates on Thursday, that Graty, on video link, was “committing a lot of offences” during a difficult period.

Prosecutor Collette Orton said Graty went into Victoria Pharmacy on March 16 and stole another person’s prescription.

On March 28, she went into Sainsbury’s, took a basket and headed to the fresh food section, grabbed a selection of meats and “walked straight back out”, then did the same on April 7 - with staff giving chase.

Graty, who lived with her 18-month-old daughter and partner in Kipling Close, Malvern, before being sent to prison in May, is due out later this month.

Chair of the bench Barbra Broadhurst agreed for sentencing to be adjourned for a couple of weeks, while other offences are brought before the court to avoid "drip feeding sentences".