PUPILS from Somers Park Primary School attended a free workshop at Malvern Theatres with Metta Theatre this week.

The students enjoyed spinning and turning upside down on a high-wire loop and team balancing games, using the set from the Forum Theatre show, The Little Mermaid.

This is the latest in a range of interactive activities that Malvern Theatres has offered local children and their families.

Teacher Abby Marshall said: “This isn’t like anything we’ve done before and it’s so good to inspire them with something new.

“To work with these professionals is an incredible opportunity, especially as we get to see a different side to the children. Some of the children who might struggle in classroom environments are doing brilliantly in this workshop, they’re listening and engaging and working together.”

Performer Aelfwyn Shipton said: “These workshops challenge the children and their perceptions of what their bodies can do. New experiences like this boost their confidence. Anyone can have a go at these activities and you have to work together to be successful.”

Pupil Ana Popa said: “It’s been the experience of a lifetime. How often do you get to go in a proper theatre and try stunts like this? It’s been elating. I wouldn’t usually trust other people to hold me, but I’ve done it today and I had a great time.”

Malvern Theatres offers several free workshop activities through the year. For details visit malvern-theatres.co.uk/take-part.