A DRUNKEN crack cocaine addict tested his long-suffering mum's love to the limit by attacking her and kicking a police officer in the head.

Bradley Rice squeezed his mother's hand hard and kicked her in the leg after telling her he wanted to frighten her. When she called 999 he kicked arresting officers, hitting one in the head and damaging his bodycam.

The 24-year-old of Wren Avenue, Malvern, admitted battery against his mother, assaults against two police officers and two offences of criminal damage. He appeared at Worcester Crown Court on Tuesday to be sentenced for the offences which placed him in breach of a suspended sentence order (six months suspended for 24 months) imposed in November 2016 for dangerous driving.

Timothy Sapwell, prosecuting, said Rice had ADHD, autism and learning difficulties. The defendant had lived with his mother all his life but had been in prison three times in the last 18 months. Since 2010 the father-of-two has received 10 convictions for 22 offences.

On February 26 this year Rice returned home and called his mother names in a variety of 'silly voices'

and used her mobile phone to contact 'known drug users', the court heard.

When his mother asked for her phone back he swore at her and told her: "You will have it when I say so."

Rice's mother told him she was not frightened of him and he said: "I will frighten you."

When she reached for her phone he squeezed her hand 'really hard' and kicked her in the leg. She told him to 'get out' but he said he was not leaving until he 'got fed'.

She called 999 so Rice turned off the electricity and kicked the door, damaging it. His mum called police on her mobile, telling officers: "He scares me."

Police found Rice in a back garden after he scaled a fence, complaining of pain to his ankle following the jump. When arrested his response was to 'scream'. Rice kicked both officers, one to the side of the head. His bodycam was also damaged after it was kicked off his stab vast.

Mr Sapwell said: "He was clearly intoxicated."

The dangerous driving which led to the suspended sentence involved Rice in a high speed police chase, driving at speeds of up to 80mph from Sansome Walk in Worcester to Lower Ferry Lane in Callow End, veering onto the wrong side of the road and narrowly missing oncoming traffic.

Sam Lamsdale, defending, said at the age of 10 Rice had discovered the body of his 14-year-old brother who had hanged himself. His cousin had committed suicide two years ago and Rice had started self-harming in prison.

Miss Lamsdale said Rice had 'supportive parents' and that the defendant fully recognised that the offences are drug and alcohol related.

Rice has already served the equivalent of four months and 20 days in custody since his arrest.

Judge Nicholas Cole described it as 'an unpleasant incident' and added: "Your mother's love has been tested to the extreme."

Giving him full credit for his early guilty pleas, the judge sentenced him to a 12 month community order with a requirement of up to 25 rehabilitation activity days including work at a care farm. He was fined £100.

No restraining order was made or compensation ordered as his mother did not request either. Rice will continue living at his mother's address.