A BENCH that caused controversy in Upton will return to its historical position.

The bench that lived outside Henry's Cafe for over 30 years was stolen in February. Upton Town Council has confirmed that the bench will be replaced on Monday May 14.

Worcestershire County Council have granted Upton Town Council the licence to return the bench to its former position.

Highways will oversee it being secured in place.

The bench, nicknamed 'benchy' by some local people online, was at the heart of a dispute between a cafe owner and the town council.

Elisabeth Drake, owner of Henry’s cafe, in High Street, Upton, previously called on the town council to move the bench from outside her business so she could put out a table and some chairs to help boost trade.

She now says that the four chairs and two tables outside her cafe will have to be pushed further out into the pavement when the bench is reinstalled.

Ms Drake said: "If Highways want to fine me because I'm not in my allocated space I don't mind.

"I will end up in jail, I don't care it's a matter of principle."

Annette Keyworth, chair of Upton Business Association, said she has come up with a solution that will make everyone happy.

She said: "Where the bench is currently at the moment there's also a BT box. Put it on the other side of the BT box and move the bins further down and it all fits.

"That's a very simple solution. She can put her tables and chairs where she's allowed. 

"We have put it to the council and it's been ignored. We want them to reconsider."

Town councillors argued that the bench was popular with the public and had been outside the building for over 30 years.