A BOY from Worcestershire who battled a brain tumour has given his support to a children's charity's fundraising campaign.

Joey Kehoe, 11, and his parents Darren and Kathryn from Stourport. are backing Action Medical Research's Cream Teas campaign.

When he was four years old, Joey was diagnosed with a brain tumour. His dad Darren said: “It was completely horrific. You fear the worst and there were lots and lots of tears.”

Joey had been diagnosed with acid reflux after suffering retching and headaches. But the medicine prescribed didn’t help and, when their son became lethargic and had difficulty walking, Darren and Kathryn took him to a specialist.

“The doctor looked into Joey’s eyes and could see the build-up of fluid,” Darren recalls. “Within literally two minutes we knew our son had a brain tumour.”

After a 10-hour operation, tests revealed that the tumour was cancerous. Joey then endured radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a second operation.

“Getting all the tumour out is the thing,” Darren explained. “But the specialists work very, very delicately to avoid permanent damage to surrounding brain tissue.”

Thankfully, after all the treatment, Darren and Kathryn were told that Joey’s long term prognosis was very good.

Action Medical Research's fundraiser, now in its fifth year, sees thousands of cream teas delivered direct to doors on June 28, with the purchase cost going to the charity.

Action’s celebrity ambassador, TV's Dr Dawn Harper, said: “This fundraiser is such a fantastic way to not only raise funds but also awareness for such an amazing cause. Order a box of cream teas, enjoy them with friends, family or work colleagues and just think what a difference your donation could make.”

You can order your cream teas at creamteas.action.org.uk. Each box costs £6 (minimum order of 10 boxes). The charity currently funds over 65 research projects across the UK.