A STONEMASON has finished renovating the grave of a policeman who died in a heroic effort to save a child's life.

Stonemason Steve Allard was moved to offer his services for free when he found out about PC Howard Overton's tragic death.

The constable was hit by a car while trying to save a child from oncoming traffic in Worcester Road, Malvern.

Sergeant Alexander Denny launched a campaign to restore PC Overton's grave, in Great Malvern Cemetery, after discovering it had fallen into disrepair.

Mr Allard, aged 52, owner of Steve Allard and Son Stonemasons, said: "This is my little bit of saying thank you to him and the work the police do.

"They don't get good press. He [PC Overton] sacrificed his life for you or I."

The stonemason has removed soil from the existing grave and cleaned and repainted the headstone.

Mr Allard, of Upton Road, Callow End, has made a new dark grey granite plaque for the grave, complete with the Worcester constabulary emblem and an inscription.

The work was completed today and a ceremony of rededication will be held for the constable in Great Malvern Cemetery at 1.30pm tomorrow.

Sgt Denny said: “I am overwhelmed by the generosity and support that has been directed towards this effort.

“In fact, it was only something that I looked at in February, and already we have achieved everything that had been hoped for.

“The work has been completed free of charge by Steve Allard and Son, and this is appreciated not only by the Overton family but myself and the wider police family.

“Steve and his team have done an absolutely wonderful job and in some rather gloomy weather as well.

“I very much look forward to attending the ceremony of rededication with members of Malvern community.”

Sgt Denny plans to deliver a speech in memory of the constable at the Mayor's Civic Ceremony, which starts at 3pm in Malvern Priory tomorrow.

He said the restoration project has highlighted the vibrant and cohesive community of Malvern.

PC Overton's 103-year-old niece Patricia Aldridge, who remembers hearing about the constable's death, will also be attending the rededication event with her family.

The constable died in 1928.