LITTERING, vandalism and dog mess in Malvern's streets, parks and green spaces has led the town to be termed 'grubby' this week.

The Malvern Gazette was contacted this week by residents who were outraged with their discoveries of rubbish at sites around the town.

Jane Gynn of Santler Court in Malvern Link, described how, out on a walk with a friend, they had been horrified by dog mess on a footpath off Pickersleigh Road, tramped daffodil displays in Victoria Park, and a pool of vomit on the pavement and the remains of a fried chicken in the doorway of a shop in Worcester Road.

She said it made Malvern Link "grubby and depressing".

She said: "We go out walking our dogs three times a day, but we always pick up after them, and we would never drop any litter. I don't know what to make of it. It's such a shame that people are so disrespectful of their surroundings."

Another report came from a couple, who asked not to be named, who live off Guarlford Road and found litter in nearby Chance Lane.

"We picked up three complete McDonald's meals, one including the receipt with credit card details. We absolutely refuse to pick up bottles of urine and bags of dog poo and must have left at least a dozen of each."

Phil Merrick, head of communities on Malvern Hills District Council, said: “The introduction of the PSPO on dog fouling sent a clear message that we will not tolerate irresponsible dog owners failing to clean up after their pets.

"It also gave our community and environmental protection officers additional powers to tackle the problem and we carry out regular patrols.

"However, we need people to report problems via our website so we can target enforcement activity where it is most needed.

“We will shortly be introducing a targeted anti-litter campaign and will look at what can be done in Malvern Link as part of this.

"We already carry out our own litter collections, plus support regular community litter picks.

"Ultimately people have to be responsible for their own actions and ensure they play their part in keeping this beautiful part of the world clean and tidy by taking their rubbish home with them or putting it in the bin.”

Malvern Town Council agreed this week to carry out a review of litter bins in the Malvern Link area, especially on footpaths to the retail park.

The motion was proposed and seconded by Link ward councillors Paul Tuthill and David Watkins.

Cllr Tuthill said: "Malvern Town Council is responsible for the provision of litter bins within the town, but not on privately-owned land such as the retail park."