MUSIC festival organisers are warning those attending that their tickets will be sent by email rather than post, after some people raised concerns.

Following complaints on social media about ‘missing’ tickets, organisers of the Sunshine Festival in Upton pointed out that, for many years, they have not provided physical tickets.

However, some festival-goers claimed they have not received an e-ticket either.

Stuart Hughes, aged 50, of Hallow, Worcester, booked tickets, costing £70 each, for himself and his wife Tracey in August last year and said he had not yet received them.

“I have phoned up several times and I have inboxed them on Facebook," he said. "I have sent proof of purchase three times – I even tried to buy them again."

A Sunshine Festival spokesman said: “We do not send tickets out by post and haven’t for many years. All our tickets are e-tickets that are sent out immediately after they are purchased.

“It was brought to our attention today that a handful of customers were confused by this and could not see their tickets in their emails, as they hadn’t checked them. These customers have now been contacted and we’ve explained the process to them and resent a copy of their tickets.”

The festival has grown from small beginnings during its seven year history, now reaching a point where annually it is a multi-stage family friendly event attracting more than 6,000 people, with 4,500 camping over and staying in Upton throughout the weekend.

This year’s festival is from August 24-26 and the line-up includes Status Quo, Heather Small, Go West and the Wurzels.