BLACK bin bags have been spotted piling up across Malvern, following the introduction of fortnightly collections.

Residents have taken to Twitter to criticise the district council over the build-up of rubbish sacks in Pickersleigh and other areas of Malvern.

But Malvern Hills District Council responded by saying that some people have been putting out too many black bags.

Local resident Jennifer Dodd contacted the council to complain about sacks 'littering' a pavement for two weeks.

The Twitter account for St Mary's Pickersleigh church added: "Not wishing to spoil a good news story in this week's Malvern Gazette but bags of rubbish are still piling up at spots in Pickersleigh and there are no wheelies in sight."

However Phil Merrick, head of economy and communities at Malvern Hills District Council, has put the problems down to people putting out extra bin bags.

He said: "We made it clear in the information sent beforehand that we would not take side waste.

“We’re trying to be as flexible as we can, however if this behaviour continues then we may have to look in the future at what further action can be taken.

“Overall the system is working well and the vast majority of residents are presenting the right bin or sack on the right week.

“Stickers are placed on those bags to let residents know we will not be collecting that waste.

“Officers have been touring the affected areas and further help and support will be offered to individuals to help them reduce their waste and adapt to the new system, on top of the comprehensive information already provided.”

General waste bins were previously collected every week, however the new alternate weekly system came into force on April 2.

Anyone encountering issues with the new system can contact