A MAN found hanged in a toilet cubicle at Athens International Airport was worried about images on his tablet computer, an inquest heard.

Philip Michael Harding, 67, was found hanging in a disabled toilet cubicle at the Greek airport on the morning of November 2, last year, having been on holiday alone.

He had stayed in Crete from October 17 until October 30 and was due to fly from Athens to Stansted on the day he was found dead, Worcestershire Coroners Court heard.

During the inquest on Friday, coroner Andrew James Cox said in a voicemail message to a work colleague called Paul on October 31, Mr Harding had referred to concerns about images on his tablet.

“Look, I may be in some trouble about some images perhaps on my tablet which was left switched on [when going through Birmingham Airport],” the voicemail said.

“It’s got very complicated and it’s entirely my fault.

“This could be quite serious. I thought the tablet was switched off, but it flipping wasn’t. I would just be so ashamed of myself. But that’s just a small part. I will explain more to you if and when I see you.”

Mr Cox said local Athens officers have been working with West Mercia Police, but “do not know where the tablet is or who took it”.

The court heard that Mr Harding, an engineer, used to go on holiday with a male friend who died two or three years ago and had since holidayed alone – this being the third.

He had been due to fly back home from Crete on October 31 but had left his accommodation a day early and had flown to Athens.

His brother, Peter Harding, had told the coroner in a statement that he and his family were “at a loss as to the reasons why” Mr Harding would have taken his own life.

“As far as I can tell he had nothing on his mind that would lead to him taking his life,” he continued. “All was well in his personal life.”

Mr Harding was a keen gardener, according to his brother, who had gained access to his house via a locksmith on November 3.

He said there were a number of indicators that he fully intended to return home, having recently decorated his kitchen and bought two 2018 diaries.

Mr Cox said there was mystery surrounding what Mr Harding had been doing between October 31 and November 2, including why he went to Athens.

He said there was “no explanation as to how he came to be hanging”.

“There is no direct evidence to assist us as to how he came to be in that locked toilet on the morning of November 2.”

“That may put a particular slant on what has happened. However, I think I have to be extremely cautious, given the tablet, or laptop, has not been recovered or inspected and I have no evidence.

“Speculation as to its contents is not evidence,” he added.

“It’s always difficult to decide a person’s intent in the absence of a note or text or email, but we have nothing. Certainly, I have not seen any document that says: ‘I am going to take my own life’.”

“I cannot return a conclusion of suicide. The evidence is insufficient to be sure that he took his own life and intended to do so.”

Mr Cox recorded an open conclusion.