A WOMAN who admitted exposing children to filthy conditions at her house has received a suspended prison sentence.

Suzanne Taylor of Malvern admitted three counts of child neglect, each in relation to a separate child, and was sentenced at Worcester Crown Court.

The 37-year-old of Kent Close was arrested on June 9 last year.

John Brotherton, prosecuting, said police found Taylor’s house smelling of urine, a mouldy fridge and food on a windowsill, covered in flies.

A witness described Taylor, who was previously of good character, as being 'unsteady on her feet' and as looking 'intoxicated'.

Marc Davies, defending, said Taylor was of previous good character but said he could not argue that the offences crossed the custody threshold.

He said: “She knows she is the author of her own misfortune.”

Taylor herself had described the incident as a ‘wake-up call' and that she had reduced her use of alcohol, other than recreationally, and had cut down on amphetamine and cannabis use.

Judge Jim Tindal said: “Where did it all go wrong?”

He said in the weeks or months before the offence Taylor had ‘lost her compass’.

He handed out a 12 month prison sentence suspended for two years. There are two requirements – 35 days of rehabilitation activity requirement days and 150 hours of unpaid work.

She must also make a £250 contribution towards costs.