SIR – 2,200 homes will be built at Broomhall, Malvern Hills District Council will approve the application they are after the money they will receive from this project, and apart from that, most probably don’t know or care where Broomhall lies.

Every one makes money from this project, except the poor householders in the middle of this enormous estate. We get nothing, we actually lose out, house prices go down, and we will be living on a building site for 15 years,with noise,dust and construction traffic.

This estate will mean at least another 2,000 cars on the road, possibly another 3,000 using hospital services.

Unfortunately our rulers seem rather blind on this subject, heads buried in the sand?

I hope the councillors show some English backbone and throw this application out, but of course we know they won’t.

Peter Cresswell

Broomhall, near Worcester