A POLICE sergeant has adorned his armed response vehicles with poppies ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

Sergeant Lee Baker, aged 45, from Worcester, attached the decals to three of his police cars as a tribute to the country's war dead.

He was originally inspired after seeing a post on social media by Lincolnshire officers who had put poppies on their cars.

Sergeant Baker, of Worcestershire's Operations Patrol Unit, said: "The whole thing is a bit of an experiment really.

"Next year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One and my aim would be to have a corporate rollout of these symbols on the entire West Mercia and Warwickshire marked vehicle fleet.

"It is sometimes not easy for operational officers to stop on Armistice Day or Remembrance Sunday and pay their respects.

"By having a poppy on our vehicles, we are demonstrating our continued recognition of the sacrifice made by so many."

The sergeant spoke with a superintendent in Lincolnshire and then bought the last few remaining decals from the supplier.

He put the poppies on his vehicles on Wednesday after receiving permission to carry out the tribute from chief officers.

His fleet includes BMW X5s and the cars provide cover to north and south Worcestershire and are regularly seen in Worcester.

The decals are due to stay on until one week after Remembrance Sunday.