A FUNDRAISING concert by the Malvern Singers has helped Heartstart Malvern install its fifth life-saving defibrillator in the town this year.

The choir raised the money for the defibrillator at its Christmas concert and the device has now been installed at Barnard’s Green Cricket Club in North End Lane.

Stephen Goodenough, the choir's chairman, said: " Over many years the Malvern Singers have raised many thousands of pounds for Malvern-based charities.

"The money we raised at last years Christmas concert has been used to provide the defibrillator at Barnards Green Cricket Club.

"This is one of the most specific and practical outcomes for our giving to date and we are pleased to be associated with Heartstart Malvern and their life saving community project".

Richard Vakis-Lowe, chairman of Heartstart Malvern said: "Heartstart Malvern would like to thank The Malvern Singers for donating the proceeds from their Christmas concert and Barnard’s Green Cricket Club for allowing the defibrillator to be installed on their club house."

Heartstart Malvern launched an appeal in January 2017 to fund 50 public access defibrillators. Research suggests that the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest decreases by about 10 per cent for every minute's delay between when a person collapses with a cardiac arrest and when they receive an electric shock from a defibrillator.

Mr Vakis-Lowe said: "We have received some fantastic support from a number of local fundraising organisations like Malvern Singers to help raise money for defibrillators.

"However, we have a long way to go to reach our target of 50 defibrillators. The survival rate from a cardiac arrest in Malvern is less than 10 per cent.

"We will only be able to match the survival rate of 25 per cent experienced in other European countries if we can encourage more local businesses and other fundraising groups to support us."

In its first year the charity has provided free training to over 800 people, including schoolchildren, to use a defibrillator. The charity estimates that several lives could be saved in Malvern every year if more people were trained and more defibrillators were made available for the public to use.

To book a free training course, contact heartstartmalvern.org.uk or 01684 342999.