A PLAY "for anyone who works for a living" is coming to The Swan Theatre in Worcester, with hard questions about the price of human labour and human hopes.

Saltmine Theatre Company will perform 'The Soul in the Machine', a new production commissioned by the YMCA, and it's based on a true story, set in London during the darkest days of Queen Victoria's reign.

It's also a play based around a cry of desperation: " We are more than bodies to be fed to a machine. We are made for more than work. We have souls, we have spirits and somewhere in this dead city there must be a place for those things.”

A spokesman said: "It's an inspirational true story of hope triumphing in the midst of darkness, 'The Soul In The Machine' tells the story of one man’s daring vision to challenge the status quo and improve the lives of his fellow workers."

A YMCA spokesman said: "The play is excellently produced and really well received. The production team have really used their creative skills to keep up a pace and flow to the production which kept the audience engaged and always anticipating the next move”.

It's London, 1844. The city is the centre of Empire, the crucible, apparently, of the New Jerusalem.

But her gutters run with effluent and blood and her skies are choked with the smoke of a hundred factories and foundries, but above the smoke, the stars still shine.

George Williams is a country boy who comes to the city to find his place in the world and to make his mark. Appalled by the spirit-crushing rhythms of the workers' life he fights to spread the light of God, and create a place where the soul can be nurtured.

This production will be in Worcester for one night only, on Tuesday July 18, at 7pm.?

Tickets and further details on, 01905 611427.