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THE November meeting began with a welcome to a visitor and a new member adding to our expanding membership. Thank you cards were read from members who had enjoyed our lovely 50th Anniversary party held at Clarence Park Village last month. Reminders were given for the Christmas lunch being held at the golf club on December 16. There will not be a meeting in December.

Members were invited to attend a Carol Service in Hereford on Saturday, December 10.

The Speaker was John Platts who told us about his career in the police force in Sheffield. He showed us some "Sheffieldish" sayings which were really strange and could have been in a foreign language. After joining the force he was on probation for two years. In the 1960's policemen wore large black capes to keep warm and had police boxes to shelter in. There were no radios to keep in touch with the police station and messages were left in designated places to be passed on to them on their beat. In 1966 he was on duty for the football world cup series and saw many of the games. He was also present at the miners strikes. In 1978 John joined West Mercia police force and was involved in keeping law and order when hundreds of hippies invaded Castle Morton Common. From 1985 he was in field intelligence which is when computers came into use. In 1989 he gained his long service medal and became a training officer at Hindlip Hall, Worcester and retired in 1996. John ended the presentation with the words "Tarra Sithi" which is "Sheffieldish" for good bye. An interesting life and talk.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, January 19 at Clarence Park Village. The Speaker will be Ray Sturdy with a presentation of "Worcestershire Remembered". We start the meeting at 10.15am and visitors are warmly welcomed.


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