A RESIDENT is overjoyed that bins filled with dangerous dog mess have been cleared after an article by the Gazette.

Michael Stokes, 56, warned that children playing in the Duke of Edinburgh Way estate, in Malvern Link, could be blinded by the poo.

The bins were emptied less than 24 hours after Mr Stokes' plight was printed in the Malvern Gazette.

"After five weeks of getting nowhere, one article in the paper and they're emptied the same day with a promise to empty weekly," he said.

Mr Stokes says he received an email from Fortis on Friday, November 18, telling him the bins had been cleared.

But when he checked the six bins they were still full and he told Fortis they were misinformed.

"They were still full at 5pm but empty by 10am Saturday morning," he added.

Mr Stokes, who lives in Duke of Edinburgh Way, was disgusted by the bags of poo surrounding the overflowing bins.

His main concern was that children kicking footballs around the bins could hit the mess and catch campylobacter.

The resident complained to five different agencies before finding out Fortis were responsible for clearing the mess.

Fortis Living were unavailable for comment.