Bromyard Symphonic Wind Band is the only Community Concert Band in Herefordshire.

Players come from a wide area of Herefordshire and Worcestershire to play in the band.

The band’s ethos is to encourage players of varying abilities to meet in regular rehearsal, for public performances, and in so doing, help raise money for various charities.

The band will soon be celebrating its 35th year of existence. With over 40 playing members, their conductor, David Thomas, is most proud of the band’s achievements. The band has helped raise over £84,000 for charities since 1983, which equates to an average of £2400 each year ~ most remarkable.

Members’ musical backgrounds range from school pupils, just starting to progress musically, to professional musicians, both active and retired.

The band’s oldest member is Kenneth Farr, who, at 96, is still a most active cornet player. He is a retired Salvation Army Bandmaster with over 85 years’ experience as a player, conductor and teacher. He is one of the band’s assistant conductors.

The band’s youngest member is Sophia Kroese, who is 12 years old. She has been playing the flute for about 5 years. She is presently working towards her Grade 5 flute exam. Sophia also plays in her school orchestra, (John Masefield), as well as a County Music Group. Her mother plays trombone in the band.

Anyone interested in joining the band should take a look at the website: