PEOPLE interested in computer coding and building their own electronic devices are urged to come along to the regular Raspberry Pi computer sessions at the Wyche Innovation Centre in Malvern.

Over the last year, the informal club has offered hands-on Raspberry Pi computer programming sessions and hosted talks from enthusiasts about their own projects.

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that people of all ages can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects.

Dr Adrian Burden, managing director of the social enterprise Innovate Malvern CIC, that organises the sessions, said: “We want to encourage students and their families to try out computer programming and discover that they can build useful gadgets whilst also learning new software and hardware skills.

"Raspberry Pi computers can be used to respond to a variety of sensors, communicate to people over the Internet, and control other devices like lights and motors.

"These mini computers can also be integrated with other services to log information, record events and process data. So our plan is for participants to build their own devices and get ideas and guidance from each other to solve problems along the way. The aim is to make the tasks as accessible as possible so that people of all levels of experience can benefit."

The plan is to build a weather station; starting with simple temperature and humidity sensors and progressing to more complex sensors such as rain gauges, cameras and anemometers.

The sessions are friendly, informal and free to attend, and the next is on Wednesday, February 17. You can register to attend online at