ENHANCEMENTS have been made to two crossings in Malvern Link to improve safety for local people.

A new pedestrian refuge at the junction of Howsell Road and Worcester Road, Malvern, has been installed to help people trying to cross the road between the Common and Malvern Railway station and the new Community Hospital.

The existing pedestrian refuge at the junction of Goodson Road and Worcester Road has been upgraded to improve visibility for drivers, drawing attention to the crossing and those pedestrians using it.

The work has been achieved through section 106 funding from the Malvern Vale development. The Malvern Railway station crossing has been an aspiration for some time and was originally planned for nearer to the railway bridge but this location wasn't appropriate. The Goodson Road improvements further enhance the work to footpaths near the supermarket.

Cllr Paul Tuthill, Local County Councillor for Malvern Link said: "I am very pleased that we have been able to use section 106 funding to make improvements to these two crossings.

"At long last we are able to provide a safe crossing that links the Common with the railway station. This builds on the work already done to re-develop and improve Malvern Link Railway Station and the further improvements brought about by the new Fire Station and Malvern Hospital.

"Our improvements at the junction with Goodson Road and Worcester Road will be a direct benefit for anyone crossing towards the large supermarket. We have been able to install a much improved central reservation and improve the visibility for both pedestrians and drivers."

John Smith, cabinet member for Highways added: "It's important to make sure local people are able to get around their area safely. Investments like this may seem small but can have a tremendous effect in enhancing the centre of our bustling communities, which in term, helps to keep the county open for business. "