A MOTHER'S plea after her autistic son's tool bag and college work went missing on a bus has had a happy ending thanks to a Worcester business.

Amanda Mason appeal was posted on the Worcester News website asking for help finding her son Morgan's bag which went missing after he left it on the 44A bus from Worcester to Malvern at 5.10pm on Thursday, October 15.

The 18-year-old award-winning apprentice electrician feared he would be thrown off his Heart of Worcestershire (HOW) College course for losing the tools but kindhearted staff at a Worcester company stepped in to replace them.

The bag contained about £200 worth of tools and some of his coursework as well as forms containing his name and contact details but had not been handed in at the bus depot or to police.

Keith Spokes from Red Electrical Distributors said the business wanted to help as soon as they read the appeal online.

"I picked up on it from Facebook and had a quick look at the online article and thought we are an electrical wholesaler and work with HOW College.

"I thought it was pretty sad really. The lad's an apprentice and I thought we could do something to help.

"We are happy to help, it is a simple thing to do but when we saw the fact the lad had left behind a bag of tools it is pretty poor that someone didn't return them.

"Hopefully, once he has passed his exams and is in business he will come back and return the favour."

Red Electrical Distributions, based on Worcester Trade Park, Sherriff Street, handed over a big bag of tools this morning (Thursday) which Mrs Mason said they were incredibly grateful to receive as Morgan had a practical today.

Mrs Mason, from Belmont Road, said: "They have been so good - Morgan was happy but he can't get to grips with the fact someone would want to replace the tools for free.

"I suppose it is hard for him to understand there are some nice people out there as well as the bad.

"He was afraid he would be asked to leave the course so this has made his anxiety go down

"Keith has been marvellous and it was down to your article that he got in touch."