The Cheeseboard at Barnards Green, Malvern, offers some seasonal advice about buying cheese at Christmas time

SO what's the best cheese to buy at Christmas time?

There are some fantastic cheeses out there at this time of year, and some are very seasonal.

So let's start of with some good basic cheeses: Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Snowdonia Black Bomber, Hereford Hop, Hawes Wensleydale and Cranberry and a nice soft Somerset Brie.

For something a bit different why not try some cave-aged Cheddar Gorge, matured in the caves in Cheddar. There are only 20 shops in the UK allowed to sell it.

Or how about some Irish Cashel Blue, made in Tipperary in Ireland. It is a soft-pressed creamy blue cheese.

As for a seasonal cheese this time of year between November and January you can get a French Vacherin Mont d’Or – a soft creamy cheese with a wonderful sweet taste from the summer milking.

All of these cheeses are available at the Cheeseboard along with 70 others.

With cheese being so popular at Christmas time we are always very busy, not only with cheeses, cooked meats, local wines and ciders, but with Christmas hampers made to order. We can arrange delivery to anywhere in the UK for only £6.95.

To take a look at our shop just go to Google Maps and take a virtual tour of the shop.

The Cheeseboard is at 100 Barnards Green Road, Malvern. Call 01684 891900.