HOME Secretary Theresa May has praised Worcester's Muslims in the House of Commons - saying they should be "congratulated" for their role in combating terror.

The city's British Muslims - who made a public stand against terrorism in your Worcester News last month - were name-checked during a parliamentary debate over the maniacal Islamic State (known as ISIL) terrorists yesterday.

Mrs May, tipped by many to be the next Conservative leader, was told by Worcester MP Robin Walker that the city's Muslims had done everything possible to condemn the brutal murderers in recent weeks and encourage peace.

After regular correspondence with city Muslims over the murders of hostages by ISIL, Mr Walker also went to Worcester's Central Mosque last Friday for a talk.

During the commons debate, Mr Walker said: "Hundreds of thousands of British Muslims have come together to say that the actions of ISIL and other terrorist organisations have nothing to do with the peaceful and dignified religion that they follow.

"What message does the Home Secretary have for those British Muslims, including many in Worcester, who have stood up and said 'not in my name?'"

Mrs May said she was "very pleased" people in the city were condemning terrorism so loudly, adding that she was impressed with the popularity of a nationwide Twitter campaign known as #makingastand.

She added: "I would want to congratulate those British Muslims in Worcester and across the whole country who have stood up and said that the actions of ISIL and other terrorist organisations are not taking place in their name.

"It has been good to see increasing numbers of Muslims coming forward with that message."

After the debate Haris Saleem, chairman of Worcester's Muslim Welfare Association, said: "I am very pleased to hear this, it's very positive that Worcester's Muslims are being recognised nationally for their role in spreading a message of peace - we are a peaceful community.

"We are against terrorists of any kind, to have that appreciation of Muslims in Worcester is very welcome."

Last month the association made a plea via this newspaper for the release of British hostage Alan Henning before he was beheaded.

Councillor Jabba Riaz said: "It's welcome that Worcester's Muslims are being recognised for distancing themselves from these terrorist organisations, which have nothing to do with Islam.

"They (ISIL) are nutters, trying to lure young people into believing it's a religious martyrdom struggle, when in fact it's quite the opposite.

"Muslims in Worcester have always been very peaceful and recognise the role they have to play in spreading that message."