A SCIENCE day held at Malvern Library at the weekend was a great success, say organisers.

Over a thousand visitors flooded into the library on Saturday to find out about the wonders of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The event, organised by the Institute of Physics, showcased how the electromagnetic spectrum - everything from radio waves to infrared to ultraviolet - is used.

Talks on topics ranging from thermal imaging to forensic science were extremely popular, as were the workshops, which included making spectroscopes and pinhole cameras, to using ultraviolet light to reveal secret writing.

Among the exhibitors were Worcester Astronomical Society and the Festival of Innovation, while the Institute of Physics stand included an experiment where visitors could work out the speed of light using a piece of cheese and a microwave oven.

The infrared photographs of Peter Jenner were on show, as well as an exhibit about the history of QinetiQ and its predecessors.

Organiser Nicky Thomas said: "The day was a great success, reaching a wide range of the public many of whom came specially, but others had just come to change a book and were hooked by what was going on.

"We aimed to engage the public with science in an everyday setting, and this was achieved extremely well. The day helped people understand how electromagnetic waves are used for imaging, with specialist technology as well as in our everyday lives.

"Catherine Lees from Malvern Library said they had 1,169 people in, against 600-800 on a normal September Saturday."

Many of the stands will be on show again at the Festival of Innovation open day tomorrow (Saturday, October 4) at Malvern Theatres