100 years ago.

There is a good deal of discussion as to whether there ought to be a football season at all this year. With mthe British Army fighting bravely in France and the need for recruits, it is declared by many people that for numbers of strong able-bodies young men to play games, while hundreds of thousands of people, including more strong able-bodies young men look on, would be a scandal and a national disgrace. Certainly, to most people, this does not seem a time for the playing of games, or for looking on at games either, and we are pleased to see that West Malvern thinks there is a nobler game to take part in at the present moment that football. Almost every playing member has volunteered for active service, and has been accepted. The Club, under the circumstances, has withdrawn from the competitions of the Worcester and District League.

Malvern Gazette, September 18, 1914.

50 years ago.

Political parties in South Worcestershire are all set for a lively General Election campaign following upon the announcement of October 15 as polling day. Because all three parties approached the Malvern Council for the use of the Winter Gardens for an eve-of-poll rally, their representatives are being invited along to-night to draw lots for the 'batting order', but each will be able to use the hall. The draw will take place in the Entertainment Officer's office, and if, Mr Harrison says, by any chance none turn up, he will conduct the draw in the presence of the Press and independent witnesses. Sir Peter Agnew, Conservative, will be opposed, as he was last time, by two candidates. Both are in their 20s. Mr Stephen Drewer will fight in the Labour interests and Mr Anthony Batchelor in the Liberal. Mr Batchelor was the first to be adopted, at a meeting in Malvern on Monday.

Malvern Gazette, September 18, 1964.

25 years.

A renewed bid to parish the unparished areas of Malvern cleared its first hurdle at a meeting of Malvern Hills DistrIct Council's administration and finance committee on Tuesday. Members of the committee voted overwhelmingly to set up a single parish council covering Link, Trinity, Chase, Priory and that part of West ward not already included in West Malvern Parish Council. And they have instructed council officers to present a further report on how public consultations should take place, and to draw up draft proposals. The population of the unparished part of Malvern is estimated on 1985 figures to be 24,650 and the Department of the environment guidelines say that parishes should normally consist of between 10,000 and 20,000 electors. From next year, Malvern ratepayers alone should pay for bus shelters, cemeteries, footway lighting and parks and open spaces.

Malvern Gazette, September 22, 1989.