GREEN-minded investors are being sought to fund solar panels at the Malvern Cube community centre.

The Malvern Community Energy Co-operative is planning to install the panels on the roof of the centre in Albert Road North, to provide it with cheap energy and sell the surplus to the electricity grid.

The co-op opened a share offer earlier this year, looking to find £40,000 to finance the project.

Now, with about £20,000 already in place, the Co-op is reminding would-be investors that the share offer closes on Friday, May 9.

County and district councillor John Raine, who chairs Malvern Hills District Council’s recently-established policy group on energy efficiency, said that according to a 2006 report, the district had one of the largest carbon footprint s in

the country

He said: "Although this partly reflects our largely rural and relatively affluent population, by investing in solar power, you can help us address this unwelcome distinction,

“I applaud the initiative of the co-op. Investment in this exemplar of community-based co-operative enterprise will not only reduce the cost of electricity for Cube users, but will also help to make the district a leader, rather than a laggard in the low-carbon future to which we all aspire.”

Robin Coates of the co-op said: “Subscription to the share offer is off to a good start, with around half the necessary capital committed. The offer closes on May 9, and with the publication of the IPCC report, others might be inspired to contribute and feel they are doing something positive.”

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