MALVERN homeopath and healer Jill Etheridge has published a new cookbook to help people eat their way to better health.

Wholesome Eats contains 36 guilt-free recipes, all specially designed for beneficial eating.

“I have always been interested in cookery and how nutrition impacts on our health. As they say, we are what we eat,” she said. “It seemed to be a natural progression for me to look at prevention of illness and aiding recovery through food.”

She was prompted to write the book by her work as a health creation mentor, working with people recovering from cancer or seeking to prevent it.

“The recipes include large amounts of vegetables of all kinds, with the cakes and desserts relying on the natural sweetness of fruits and juices,” she said.

The book, priced £7.50, is available from the Malvern Book Co-operative in St Ann’s Road, from the publisher Aspect Design and from the author on 01684 564266.