TECHNOLOGY is being used to boost tourism with the creation of a 3D “flyover” map for the Malvern Hills.

The map is being designed by Malvern’s Technology for Tourism group using computer games software that allows the user to fly through the landscape as if in a helicopter.

It will eventually be connected to a database of the facilities and attractions the area offers, including accommodation, food outlets, walks and local events.

As users ‘fly’ over the virtual landscape of the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the facilities will appear and people will be able to zoom in on them to discover more information.

The project, funded by Malvern Hills District Council and Malvern Hills AONB, is currently at the ‘proof of concept’ stage and, due to its high-tech nature, was demonstrated at the Malvern Festival of Innovation at Malvern Theatres last week.

As development continues, the Technology for Tourism group is keen to hear from anyone with ideas or information for inclusion, either by calling 01684 252152 or emailing info@tech