ANYONE visiting the priory this week may have found things not quite as they expected.

The monks of 900 years ago would have been a quiet group, but the children who followed in their footsteps this week, while more vocal, have been no less lacking in enthusiasm.

They have come from Colwall, Castlemorton, Cradley and Chernobyl (Belarus) as well as Malvern, Bromyard and Upton to spend a day finding out how a monk would spend his time and get a flavour of his worship – though maybe with livelier tunes than he ever sang.

They have had a flavour (and smell) of the medicines he used, the calligraphy he practised and even the techniques he used to build the priory.

Then there was spinning, bell-ringing, brass-rubbing: how could all this be fitted into one day? By superb organisation from all those who led and helped, from many of the local churches.

If you missed the event this year, put it in your diary for next; you will be amazed at what you see!

Other events are quieter; good music from Epsom Chamber Choir last weekend, and a flower festival from Saturday, July 13, to Tuesday, July 16.