THE Parish Council has asked that two things are mentioned this week.

Firstly, parking! Please park considerately throughout the village and do not park on the double yellow lines, especially in the evening.

The roads in West Malvern are narrow and poor parking leads to congestion and increases the possibility of accidents.

You may have noticed the yellow lines have been repainted recently.

This may be a precursor to the arrival of traffic wardens later this summer and so it might be wise to get into good habits now.

Secondly, the perennial problem of overhanging trees and shrubs has come round again – if it’s a nice weekend please could you spend some time pruning, so that roads and pavements are not obstructed 55 women from West Malvern and other local WI groups met at the Elim Centre last week to hear Bridget Strawbridge talk about bees.

Apparently the talk, taking nearly two hours, was quite amazing - it's remarkable how little most of us know about the species, their habits and their importance to the environment and the food chain (though do check out the nature page on our village website) and this was rectified by the extent and detail provided by Bridget during the course of the session.

The morning was rounded off by lunch provided by the centre and the chance to meet people from other WI groups.

Earlier in the month over fifty village residents and friends went on a fund raising coach trip to Oxford.

The day was dry and often sunny, and provided opportunities for both shopping and a bit of cultural sightseeing; and equally important the journeys there and back were completely delay free.

The event raised £200 for The Malvern Hills Community Foundation, a local charity.

The first Thursday of the month is coming round again, so, for those of you at home during the day, there is the opportunity of joining others for a coffee and a chat in the village hall between 10.15am and noon on July 4.

It’s open to all and is an opportunity to meet friends old and new – and learn who has won the Hundred Club Draw this month!

ANGIE CANTRELL 01684 572764