A WEEKEND of mixed weather didn’t stop people from enjoying a traditional tipple or two.

The Chase Inn at Upper Colwall experienced the best and worst of the British summer when it hosted a cider festival from last Friday to Sunday.

A wide selection of tangy drinks were on offer at the pub, which was winner of the Good Pub Guide 2013 Newcomer of the Year award, with the summer solstice on Friday providing the best conditions with all the events taking place outside for the longest day.

Manager Jo Walker said: “It was a good weekend but the weather could have been better. All the ciders went well – we sold out of most of them – and there were quite a few headaches.”

Musical notes were provided by the likes of the Eastern European-influenced Flatworld, acoustic singer-songwriter Carol Lee Sampson, the Barflys in their 20th anniversary year, Jamie Knight and the young folk trio Granny’s Attic, who drew a lot of good feedback.

While an evening barbecue on Friday and Saturday kept people’s bellies lined.