A TEAM who won the founder’s award in this year’s Well Dressing Festival are appealing for the return of part of their decoration.

Team Trough’s at the Barnard’s Green Trough made good use of this year’s Once Upon A Time theme with the Big Bad Wolf waiting in the trough as Little Red Riding Hood approaches innocently.

But before they could dismantle the prizewinning design, the Red Riding Hood figure vanished, leaving just the splintered remains of her supports behind.

She was last definitely seen at the site at 10pm on Monday, May 6, and was then spotted on the Morrisons roundabout for several hours the following day.

Stephanie Underwood- Webb of the team said: “We had been hoping that her disappearance might be a brilliant kidnap and she might start popping all over Malvern, a bit like the gnome in the film Amelie, but with no ransom note left and no sightings since, we have a horrible feeling it may have been vandalism instead.

“It would be so lovely to have her returned as she actually took quite a bit of time to make, and her main creators were rather hoping she could come and live in their garden after the dressing.

“Any information about Red's whereabouts will be very gratefully received.”

Any information can be sent to underwoodwebb@hotmail.


Organised by the Malvern Spa Association, 19 adult and 10 children’s groups dressed 39 wells in the competition.