A DANCER has tapped her way into a historical moment by taking part in filming for the very last broadcast from the BBC’s iconic Television Centre.

Shirley Dawson, from Malvern Link, joined her sister Tracey and more than 490 male dancers to take part in the mass tap dance.

It was shown on The One Show at 7pm on Friday as part of the Goodbye Television Centre programme.

The self-employed petrol station owner started tap dancing two years ago, after being encouraged by her sister, who runs Featbeat Dance in Hereford.

Friday’s show celebrated significant events held at the BBC and the dancers were recreating Roy Castle’s 1977 record-breaking Mass Doughnut Tap Dance.

Miss Dawson, aged 53, said: “It was an awesome experience.

“We were both over the moon to be involved and it was fantastic to be there.”

BBC Television Cente, in west London, has been sold and will be turned into a £200 million complex featuring shops and offices.

Miss Dawson added: “There was a bit of sadness in the air but it was also a really happy occasion.

“I had only been tapdancing for a couple of years because I was looking for a new hobby and it is great fun and good exercise too.”

After being given a masterclass from renowned choreographer Arlene Phillips, the dancers then performed the piece to the sound of 42nd Street.

Miss Dawson watched the show on Friday at home with her partner Phil Ironside and friends, family and students from Featbeat.

“It is a great way to inspire people to take up tap dancing,” she said.