A MALVERN man broke into his famil’s home to steal clothing and cash after becoming addicted to heroin.

David Cox got into the house in Elgar Avenue, Malvern, through an insecure window, Worcester Crown Court was told.

Two days earlier he had raided a garage in the curtilage of a house and cycled off on a stolen bike that he then sold.

He also stole two bikes chained up in Elgar Avenue. One was worth £900, the other £200, said Peter Grice, prosecuting.

Judge Robert Juckes QC remanded 28-year-old Cox in custody for the probation service to report on whether he is suitable for a drug rehabilitation order.

He had already spent three months in jail on remand and will return to court for sentence on February 22.

Cox, who was temporarily living with a friend, raided his parents’ property on October 7 when it was unoccupied during the day.

He got away with clothes and £3.30 in cash but was arrested two days later, said Mr Grice.

He had previous convictions for theft and public disorder.

Defence counsel Charles Hamer said Cox had been barred from the family home but was now welcome to live with his parents again at a new address in Martins Close, Malvern.

He had gone to the Elgar Avenue house to do his washing but when he found no-one at home had taken the opportunity to break in.

Mr Hamer said he had been in the grip of heroin and stole to fund his drug habit.

But since being locked up he had quit drugs.