PROFESSIONAL cycling, as journalist Ned Boulting will tell you, is not all about shaved legs in the peloton, as mountain scenery flashes by.

Ned should know, and he's bringing his new tales from the cycling lane to Malvern Theatres.

A spokesman said: "Due to the phenomenal success of his debut UK tour, journalist, television presenter and best-selling author Ned is heading back out on the road this autumn with Bikeology, featuring brand new tales from life in the cycling lane, as well as the inside scoop from Ned’s time at the 2017 Tour de France.

"This unmissable show celebrates the rise of the sport from maligned pastime to one of Britain’s most heralded, weaving between stories of the unparalleled successes in recent years and the well-publicised problems it has faced."

The spokesman added: What drives the cyclist, apart from a sturdy, well-oiled chain, to such ecstasies of endurance? What curious, deep-rooted passions are aroused by the sight of a simple pair of padded shorts? And what on earth is a dérailleur?

"Boulting takes an off-centre look at what it means to ride a bike, drawing on his own underwhelm-ing adventures in the saddle to his fourteen summers spent hurtling around France in pursuit of the sport’s biggest names including no less than Wiggins, Cavendish, Froome and of course Armstrong."

Audiences are being promised "a breakneck descent through the history of the sport followed by a lung-bursting climb into the present day - all two-wheeled life is here".

The spokesman said: "From the highs of the 2012 London Olympics to the lows of the Armstrong era to the delivery of mysterious packages, Ned has been in the thick of the action for the last two decades.

Ned Boulting’s Bikeology will be appearing at Malvern Theatres on Tuesday November 21 November.

Tickets are on sale at the Box Office 01684 892277 and online at