Singer Katie Melua is "absolutely fine" after her breathing apparatus failed while she was diving, a spokeswoman for the star has said.

It happened on Monday when the 25-year-old, known for her love of extreme sports, was diving in a lake near Heathrow airport in west London.

Her collaborator, Mike Batt, revealed the incident on his Twitter account writing: "Katie Melua went diving yesterday and had an 'I'm about to die' moment when her air supply was cut off, nearly drowning her - that girl!"

Batt later updated his Twitter account, writing: "Yep Katie is fine now, but she was really scared 15 metres underwater in a black lake, and breath apparatus failed. She loves a thrill, but..."

A spokeswoman for the Nine Million Bicycles star said: "She had a fright but she is absolutely fine."

The singer was born in Georgia, in the former Soviet Union, before her family moved to Northern Ireland, then London where she went to the Brit School for Performing Arts.