Celebrate the Season/Worcester Musical Theatre Company


THERE’S a major reason why this talent-packed company has gone from strength to strength over the last few years.

And that’s because they’re family. Many of the members are related across three generations – and as we know, families that play together tend to stay together.

The result is a rip-roaring show that has now crossed the thin line that separates the amateur from the truly professional. Slick routines, no straight lines, the men now smiling like the women always do, sharp dance moves… fabulous.

Superbly compered by Brian Ellison - a man who most surely knows how to work a crowd - this show blasts ahead like a well-oiled machine, powered along by producer Val Knight.

The first significant indication that this would be no ordinary production came with ‘The Ovalteenies’ an affectionate and nostalgic glance back to World War Two and the 1940 Battle of Britain spirit that kept everyone going.

Brilliant choreography and sublimely acted, you never wanted it to end.

The next mind-blower came courtesy of the award-winning Harlequin Stage School, storming through ‘Dancing on your Tippy Toes’, a routine so razor-sharp that you almost got cut just watching it.

Another crucial factor this year was the delightful contribution to ‘Our House’ by Claines and Wilden schools girls and boys, who all demonstrated a coolness and stage presence that belied their years.

Once again, this was mainly down to the encouragement and example set by Val Knight and her team.

And as if all this wasn’t enough. Brian Ellison’s guitar-driven duet with Jacque Cook provided a delightful interlude, this master chords man supplying a tasty backing to a medley of Beatles tunes.

The ever-increasing achievement of this company is most surely a Worcester success story, the result of hard work, constant striving to do better, sheer enthusiasm… plus the family factor, of course.

Celebrate the Season runs until Saturday (November 16).

John Phillpott