Raunchy dancing, summer love, Kellerman's Resort and 'Baby' means one thing, Dirty Dancing and the summer of 63.

The iconic, classic story on stage is thrilling audiences across the country.

Seventeen year old daddy's girl Frances 'Baby' Houseman (Katie Eccles) is on a family holiday with her parents and sister at the luxury Kellerman's Resort in the Catskill mountains where she meets Johnny Castle (Michael O'Reilly) the resorts dance instructor who entertains the wealthy guests, they say opposites attract and soon become an item.

Johnny's dance partner Penny unexpectedly falls pregnant and is unable to do the final dance, cue awkward and love struck Baby to take her place - Eccles dancing skills from novice to pro bring lots of laugh out loud moments.

Dr Jake Houseman makes it clear he does not approve of the working class folk his daughter is mixing with especially the bad boy.

There is an expectation for the key moments in the show Johnny and Baby do not disappoint, their bond is palpable the  chemistry develops throughout as O'Reilly weaves his magic leaving the audience wanting more.

What a dynamic dancer Simone Covele as Penny Johnson is...

We reach the penultimate part of the show with emotion building waiting for 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner' followed by the world famous lift and Time of My Life, the audience explode in delight as Johnny storms on to the stage it is what we had been waiting for.

A superb revolving stage set the brilliant Kellerman's band and a great cast ensured the perfect evening.

Catch the show at the Bristol Hippodrome which runs until Saturday, 6th July.