A contemporary aerial circus show, which examines the exhaustion of being a new mum or dad, is coming to The Artrix in Bromsgrove.

And you can be sure the performers won’t drop the baby once, in a performance called, appropriately enough, ‘Sleepless’.

A spokesman said: “The Birmingham based physical theatre company, RoguePlay will explore the highs and lows of being a sleep deprived new parent.

“Featuring visually stunning acrobatics on aerial silks and set alongside an eclectic soundscape of performance poetry and baby noise.”

The spokesman added: “Sleepless is a celebration of parenthood that tackles the very real issue of sleep deprivation through experiences such as breastfeeding, teething and returning to work.

“Inspired by personal experience, anxiety, depression and the exerting intricacies of new parenthood, this disjointed emotionally charged narrative, reminds us how fragile we are, how strong we can be and how beautiful human connection is.”

Sleepless uses the writings taken from diaries and stream of consciousness scribblings of both new mother and performer, Kim Charnock and Co-Director Lorna Meehan, who struggled with sleep deprivation during a time of grief.

Sleepless also combines the experiences of real women and new parents, “taking a serious look at the results of sleep deprivation using personal stories and experiences as the narrative”.

The spokesman said: “Sleeplessness in new parents is a subject that’s often not taken seriously by medical professionals, friends and family and instead seen as something that ‘comes with the territory’ of having a baby. “ The show takes place on Thursday, October 25.

For tickets, go to artrix.co.uk or call the box office on 01527 577330.