Set in Bay Ridge, New York the king of the dance floor Tony Manero strutted his stuff in Bristol on Tuesday evening on the opening night of Saturday Night Fever.

Admired by the girls and boys good looking Manero has a dead end job at the local hardware store, away from the store he spends most of his time at 2001 Odyssey the disco where there is a competition to win a thosand dollars.

The stage version of the film is true to its roots covering racial violence, abortion, breach of trust, disloyalty and death when one of the group of friends takes his life and yes there are the women not least Annette and Stephanie competing for his affection.

Richard Winsor (Tony) best known for playing Caleb Knight in Casualty was a real surprise package, recreating those iconic John Travolta dance moves in his figure hugging white suit to perfection as the glitter balls swirled in the auditorium - a hugely talented dancer who has performed for Matthew Bourne's New Adventures.

Kate Parr (Stephanie Mangano) and Anna Campkin (Annette) both took their opportunity to shine.

As the show drew to a close the megamix finale got everyone up on their feet with the biggest cheer saved for the three guys playing the fabulous Bee Gees who sang all of the hits throughout on stage alongside the band.

An evening full of fun and high energy.

Runs until Saturday, 6th October at the Bristol Hippodrome.